Grace Jukes

A bit more about me.


I'm a musician and songwriter and I do all of my recording and mixing in my little home studio. If it looks like my studio's messy in my photos... that's because it is. 

I'm constantly releasing new music and/or doodles I've been writing in my room, and when I'm not doing that, I'm updating my social media so you know where I'm at and what I've been up to. My goal is to write songs my whole life really, so I'm afraid to say the world is stuck with me for a long while. Want to be a part of that? Follow me online or get in contact below.
Photo by Charles McFarlane.

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A little taster of my original work...

What I've been up to with my music so far.

Bands. I played in a soul band for a couple of years with a bunch of incredible musicians who really inspired me and helped me learn the intricacies of playing alongside other musicians and supporting them.

Choirs. I have sung in a chamber choir and in a rock choir which have both given me the opportunity to sing at lots of amazing venues – from cathedrals to performing at Wembley stadium! (Which was AMAZING). love the atmosphere created by multiple voices joining together; something I'm hoping to incorporate more into future songs of mine.

My style. I'm a very energetic performer - I genuinely love what I do. I'm not afraid of a quiet audience, nor a rowdy one, I thoroughly enjoy playing in all kinds of venues. I struggle categorising my overall musical ‘genre’. I take inspiration from everything – jazz, country, soul, pop, crooners, rock and folk – you name it – I probably love it! But if I had to give you an idea of my overall style, I’d probably put myself in the ‘country-pop’/’indie-pop’ genre. One thing venues I play for always say is that I pack quite a punch when I'm performing, and that I really get on-board with the crowd - we always have a great time! 

I usually play a selection of my own originals (see the 'Buy My Music' page) and covers with my own twist on them. I love older and modern music – from Frank Sinatra, to the Eagles, to Taylor Swift; I think my eclectic mix of musical tastes means anyone could find something in my music they enjoy! 

I enjoy performing to an audience, but I’m also more than happy if you just want some ambient live music in the background – especially for restaurants, cafes, weddings, or anything else you can think of!

Mixing, editing, producing, mastering!

In terms of mixing and sound engineering, I did an A-Level in Music Technology, and whilst I would still deem myself very much an amateur sound engineer, I am improving my skills by experimenting on my own songs and covers; seeing how far I can push myself and how much I can learn beyond that which I was taught. I absolutely love exploring the different ways to manipulate sound using technology - be it experimenting with microphone angles, using different types of reverb, or to simply recording and modulating weird sounds I hear when I'm out and about - I just love how changing and manipulating simple sounds can create such a powerful impact in songs. Although, I get my songs mixed and mastered externally for all of my album tracks!



(It's hard to pick just a few!)

Owl City (Adam Young)

I have loved Owl City's music for a long time - it makes me so happy. The optimism and surrealism of his melodies and lyrics have uplifted me when life has given me lemons, and my goal is to do the same for others with my own music. Owl City's songs have also inspired me to experiment with more creative melodies and lyrics, instead of going with more conventional rhymes and hooks.

Owl City

(Photo credit to Owl City)

Mindy Gledhill

Mindy Gledhill is so quirky. I love how her music can be so defiant whilst being mingled into soft, floating melodies and harmonies. Mindy Gledhill has challenged me to create more interesting music; pushing me to put my genuine feelings into my music - not just trying to create something that I think other people will want to listen to in my personal songs.

Mindy Gledhill

(Photo credit to Mindy Gledhill)

Avril Lavigne

I grew up  with Avril Lavigne blaring from my MP3 player. I loved how rebellious she was (I wanted to be a skater girl). Musically, she challenged me to experiment with my vocals - to practice singing at different volumes, and with different styles of vocals; like pop and rock, not just folk-y tones. I think this has given my a wider variety of singing ability which I can now incorporate into my original and cover songs.

Avril Lavigne

(Photo credit to Avril Lavigne)

Lindsey Stirling

Apart from giving me the uncontrollable urge to purchase a violin, and making me wish that I could pull off the "steam-punk" look as well as her, Lindsey Stirling is an absolute inspiration musically. In particular, she inspired me to have more fun with my performances. It sounds silly, but her performances are a constant reminder to me: music is meant to be fun! Sometimes we just need to relax more.

Lindsey Stirling

(Photo credit to Lindsey Stirling)